Shen Yun Evokes Full Spectrum of Emotions

February 23, 2018

“It was just so phenomenal—it’s just absolutely amazing and what I really did like is the different dynasties, I never realized all the different dynasties, they talk about the Ming dynasty and the dancing that occurred there.”

It’s still really puts me into a reality that I haven’t been in since I was a child, really seeing that dancing out there and really puts you in kind of a fantasy land of what it must have been like decades ago—real-life experiencing something that is centuries years old.”

“The values are just phenomenal, I mean, they are really core values. That is actually why we ended up bringing our children this time.”

“It was extremely emotional, if you followed the lyrics of what [the soloist] was singing, it was almost like an opera where you could just close your eyes and just listen to her and you could almost understand and hear in her voice the trepidation and what was occurring and happening in that situation.”

“The orchestra is absolutely phenomenal. Just the choreographing between the conductor and the dancers, with everything that’s in motion and putting that together so cohesively.”

“I feel very excited, emotional and sad and happy all at the same time because I am really getting all of these different feelings from these dancers and you can really key in on the happy moments—it’s amazing.”