Shen Yun, Every Second Is Brilliant

April 4, 2017

“Every second was brilliant. The background, the sets, or the effects, or the movement of the dancers! The orchestra was amazing, because there were lots of different instruments that we’re not used to seeing or hearing. You couldn’t fault it. It’s just goes on and on, it was getting more and more amazing.”

“It [Shen Yun] makes me happy. Even if some of the stories were not … you got the history, you got the culture, movement, colour, just everything about it was amazing.”


“I just think China is one of the old civilisations in the world. I think it’s taken me back to what China was like. It’s very different now. … Tonight is full of colour, and movement and obviously everybody, I think, was very happy to be doing what they were doing. And the skills of all the dancers and their movements, and everything about it—it was amazing. I’m sorry to use that word all the time, but that best describes it so well.”