Shen Yun Elicits a Feeling of Joy

May 2, 2017

“I did not know Chinese classical dance, but what I can say is that, at one point, while watching the performance, which is exceptional, we were in poetry and emotion. And this is what I will take with me and remember from the show.”

“At one moment, I let myself be carried away by the story and will keep this feeling, this beautiful impression we take away with us—joy.”

“I have to say that I appreciate the Chinese culture. I appreciate martial arts, the principles, the philosophy … this philosophy that invites us to slow down a little bit and connect with things that are deep and more timeless than our everyday life, which is too fast today and filled with numerous things that are not so important.”

“I am rediscovering these values present in the ancient Chinese culture, which we need so much in our world today.”