Shen Yun Does a Great Deal to Heal The World, Says Former Artist

March 27, 2017

“[Shen Yun] was so exquisite. It was really beyond description.”

“[I felt] unbelievably uplifted [and] truly joyous.”

“[Chinese culture] is so ancient, and has so much wisdom that can be given to the world, obviously. Our society is so torn. They need hope. They need inspiration. They need something that is truly spiritual to look to.” 

“A young man [in a vignette] brought out the fact that music is healing. It really and truly is, and always has been. So, I think this performance does a great deal to heal the world, and [the world] needs it.”

“The costumes are just exquisite.” 

“The lyrics were beautiful.” 

“You’ve got to see it.”