Shen Yun Delights Chinese Audience Members

January 25, 2014

MISSISSAUGA—Ms. Zheng, a migrant from China, sees Shen Yun every year with her husband and their 9-year-old son. She said in delight, “Of this year’s programs, I am particularly fond of the Tang Dynasty dance. In orange costumes, they dance beautifully.”

Moved by the dance, Ms. Zheng added that the dancers vividly presented the prosperity and feminine beauty of the Tang Dynasty as well as the elegance of ancient females.

“Shen Yun performers command a mastery of dance. That’s why I come to the show yearly,” she said. “Great animated scenes. Their skill level is superb—a wide assortment of animated scenes, matching perfection with the plot.”

Ms. Zheng said that another reason for her yearly attendance is her son. “The main purpose is to expose him to traditional Chinese culture, allowing him to learn it.”

Her son added that he was particularly attracted to Shen Yun and felt very excited while watching.

Ms. Wang, a migrant from China, watched Shen Yun with her husband for the first time. At the end of the performance she felt delighted. “Shen Yun is very good. Watching it, I feel very good,” she said.

She added that Shen Yun “is a performance of authentic Chinese culture. Indeed, I think Shen Yun promotes, presents traditional Chinese culture. This is very good.”

“Young as they are, their dance skills are at a very high level. I feel very good!” she said. “Shen Yun’s animated scenes are also very good! A fusion of technology and classic dance.”

As for Mr. Bai and his wife, Chinese immigrants from the northern part of China, this was their third time enjoying Shen Yun. “Simply loved the story about Ne Zha—the backdrop for this dance was phenomenal. The storyline was very well laid out,” Mr. Bai said.

He was especially touched by the wonderful display of genuine Chinese culture. “Outstanding performance with the focus on traditional Chinese culture. Everything was great.” Adding his impression of the unique assortment of music blending East and West, he said: “The performance was impressive, so were the stories and the music. The live orchestra likewise was top-notch.”

He affirmed the overall performance, saying: “The authenticity of Shen Yun was undeniably evident. The performance was a huge success.”

Ms. Gao, an Chinese immigrant from northern China, along with her son Mr. Du and a couple of their friends were on hand to see Shen Yun’s finale performance in Mississauga. They felt completely at ease and joyful after seeing it.

Mr. Du gave his compliments to Shen Yun, adding that this was his first time watching the performance. “I especially loved the Tai Chi dance—great dance,” he said. When asked about the skills of the performers, he said: “The dancers were great, excellent.”

Ms. Gao also loved the Tai Chi dance, where the performers were holding Chinese fans. She said, “The dance exhibited the spirit of the Chinese culture—very powerful spirits.”

“From the skills of the dancers to the performances, this [spirit] were clearly on display,” she added.

Reporting by Teng Dongyu and Amy Lien.

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