Shen Yun Dances Tell ‘A Really Great Story,’ CEO Says

February 18, 2018

“I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful. It tells a really great story.”

“I love the story with the young man and woman that got married [the Chinese dance story ‘Unprecedented Crime’]. … That’s a great piece.

“I loved the solo as well. [The soprano] had an exquisite voice.”

“[The performance] exposes us to culture that we don’t see every day, … the story of the Chinese culture from the very beginnings till now.”

“I think the dancers are excellent. The choreography is really, really great. They work really well together, and the costumes are great as well.”

“The biggest takeaway for me is that people around the world all share the same story. … It’s different, but in some ways, people are the same all over the world: the values and the story about the conflicts and overcoming bad circumstances to come to good and all of that. It’s all really beautiful.”