Shen Yun Dancers’ Unity Very Transcending, Says Dancer

February 5, 2017

“Wonderful choreography. The precision was fantastic. I loved seeing all of the dancers together, and going in and out of intricate formations was really, really nice.”

“A lot of the fluid arms with lots of spinning—I’d love to incorporate into my own choreography. I can’t wait to do some.”

“There was one movement in particular …[“Han Dynasty Sleeves”], I’m not exactly sure what they were doing but I think they were all spinning together, their sleeves out and their arms to two different lengths, and it created this beautiful [scene]…It was really neat because you didn’t just see one dancer, you saw it as an entire group and I almost cried a little bit.”

“The collective group unity—that’s something that I find really fantastic. Especially here in America everybody is all about the individual so getting to see a really unified group performance is really inspiring.”

“A lot of it together, especially with all of the precise movements going as a unit, is very transcending.”

“One of the messages that I felt was coming across to me is that there is a greater spiritual force and it can take different forms and shapes but it has more control over our lives than we ourselves and that we need to have faith and believe in that. That’s something that I got from the show that’s trying to showcase, as well that it’s not just us and there is something greater than us on our side.”

“Wonderful, wonderful performers. Everybody on stage is impeccably trained, and the light that they have about themselves, you can tell they’re really enjoying what they’re doing and as a performer myself that’s something that I really appreciate seeing on stage.”