Shen Yun Dancers’ Skills ‘The best in the world,’ Says Business Owner

April 8, 2017

“The dancing skills were off the chart, the best in the world, phenomenal, amazing. It’s something I’ll remember for my life.”

“The soprano was like an angel! Just perfect! When I see talent, I know it’s talent, and this is phenomenal talent. I thought she gave it [her] all — gave a beautiful performance for us. And the accompanist at the piano was also fantastic.” 

“That was fantastic — the singers [and] the performers. … So I appreciate that there was multi-talent. That wasn’t just dancing, wasn’t just drums, wasn’t just singing. It was a combination of all things.”

“What was really moving was that instrument with the two strings, the erhu. That brought a lot of emotions out.”

“[Shen Yun’s artistic director is] fantastic. He has a great vision with what they were trying to put together, something that we could experience, something you won’t be able to experience like some plays in New York. Just the whole concept and the delivery of the concept was fantastic.”

“I would recommend it to anyone.”