Shen Yun Dancers Exceptional, Beautiful, Says Professional Ballroom Dancer

April 29, 2018

“I thought it was amazing, absolutely beautiful! They are so well-trained and very quiet, which is a sign of a good dancer—you cannot hear them. Exceptional. It is beautiful.”

“[The dancers are] very skilled. … Their arms and their hands were beautifully used, even the men—beautiful hands, beautiful feet. It is extraordinary.”

“Absolutely, [my students] should come see [Shen Yun]. Definitely! … I think they should all come see it. I think it is fantastic.”

“The way they could tell a story without ever speaking. … Through their movement, they were able to communicate everything. That impressed me very much. … And I like that it was all different [dance] stories. That was very entertaining.”

“The colors and the costumes—all extraordinary, so I’m going to borrow some of that.”

“The costumes accentuated the dancing. … The beauty of the flowing, the sparkle—it was amazing.”