Shen Yun Dancers’ Costumes Impressed Retired Accountant

April 23, 2018

“I enjoyed the dancing. I enjoyed the costumes. I enjoy the music as well. So all of the aspects of it are wonderful.”

“I think the costumes on the ladies are probably my favorite. The colors of the costumes are quite nice. I enjoyed watching the men dance because they are so athletic.”

“The scene in which the young man was saved and his eyesight was restored—it was beautiful. I related to that quite a bit.”

“I was a little bit surprised, … so willing to say about the oppression[of belief]—you never see that in the show over there [in China]. But it was interesting to see it here and for them [Shen Yun] to be that open and honest about it. I was very happy to see that.”

“I like the message that the Creator was waiting and trying to get people to go to heaven and that it’s difficult because of the oppression in China that people weren’t able to practice their faith, as they are here.”