Shen Yun Dancers Are ‘The Best of the Best,’ Says Illustrator

April 24, 2017

“It’s fantastic … I loved the costuming and the colors.” … I was really interested in the orchestra, also. The combination of Eastern and Western instruments.”

“I was very emotionally excited because of the strong political statements that they made. I also was surprised that Shen Yun has a patent on the background and animation. Some of the places where they came out of the sky [and onto the stage] were so perfectly timed for the dancers.” 

“I was very surprised at the very last [piece] with the explosion and the building collapsing and then the rebirth after that — the message was beautiful.”

“I received a message of peace and harmony and tranquility and forgiveness and, there was one of benevolence and virtue.

“I’m always inspired by that. I was thinking about how I forget about it during the day and how I should remember more — the higher plane of thinking, rather than my daily work schedule and what I want to do. There are bigger things them myself and I was reminded of that during the performance.”

(Would you recommend the performance to family and friends?) “Oh everybody! Absolutely!”

“When I was watching, I was thinking, ‘Boy, I’d like to show this to different people who I know and family members.” 

“Any generation should feel that they should be inspired to do better and to have the freedom of religion and freedom of their voice. Also, to see the color and the dancing — I want to say dancing, but it’s almost [done] on an Olympic athletic level. These are the best of the best that there is, and in reading the program, you could see they won all these competitions, and I was completely amazed at the director.

“D.F. He designed the costumes, created the dancing, the orchestra and he started the whole thing. I was like ‘Wow! This man is spectacular.'”