Shen Yun Can Be Enjoyed ‘On many different levels,’ Says Professor of Cultural Anthropology

April 2, 2017

“I enjoyed it. It was very interesting. I hadn’t realized it was so political, so that’s rather fascinating. It makes me want to read a little bit more about Falun Dafa. … There’s a lot going on at many different levels. It can appeal to people who aren’t very interested in the politics, and just want to enjoy the spectacle, the dancing. The performers are very skilled. The choreography is beautiful.” 

“There’s this really strong spiritual element [in the performance]. … I certainly believe that everyone has the right to practice their religion, so I certainly support that, when we visited China, I was very concerned about the destruction of temples. I believe everyone has the right to practice their religion. That’s an important message.”

“It’s a wonderful spectacle. You could enjoy it on many different levels. Even children can enjoy it, because of the visuals, the projections, people flying here and there, and the slapstick [comedic] elements. There’s a lot for everybody to enjoy.”