Shen Yun Brings to Life Traditional Chinese Culture

April 15, 2018

“It’s amazing! The thing that impressed me so much—the symmetry, the way everything came together, it was so precise.”

“What it does is bring back to focus the values and culture of Chinese people, and it just comes right to you. It’s just incredible. It’s kind of sad in many ways that we lost touch of the value of Chinese culture for many, many years, and this brings it back to you.”

“They exceed every expectation I could ever have.”

“The other thing that impressed me [was] you could see in the performance and in their eyes the passion of how much they value and appreciate what they do from the standpoint of an artist, and it brings it to life the culture—they just love what they do and you can tell it.”

“I am going to encourage my daughter to take my grandkids there in Dallas. I think they’ll be just mesmerized.”