Shen Yun Brings Peace and Quietness

April 2, 2017

“I’m absolutely amazed by the colors, the resonance, the artistry, the dancers physical movements, the choreography, the marvelous interaction and the teamwork. The quality of what I have seen tonight is above the Best and the exotic music is something extraordinary for the European ear.”

“I have been told that this company is one of the best in this world, and I must agree.”

“What affected me most was the depiction of the flow of life, which is of great importance. It is calling for a happy ending, and the thought of this was exceptionally well done by this performance. Therefore, such pictures, such dances that predict a happy ending are of great importance. The entire performance brought happiness to the psyche.”

“Although I have seen the Shen Yun show for the first time, I had heard much about it and thus invited five people, my husband, my son, and several friends to this show. They are as amazed as I am by what they have seen tonight.”

“The Chinese colors are absolutely breathtaking. Nature displays beautiful colors, and this has been brought out by the dances.”

“The pictures on the backdrop were good for the soul and released people’s stress. This brought peace and quietness to anyone’s psyche.”