Shen Yun Brings Message of Freedom

April 9, 2017

“It was great. Really, really nice. More than great. It was amazing, it was beautiful.”

“The orchestra was amazing, beautiful.”

“It felt like freedom. The people like to be free and able to do whatever they want and feel, and freedom of speech, freedom of movement. It’s important because other people need to know that freedom is the most important thing in life. So it’s beautiful the way that the story’s being told about it.”

“It was really powerful, it was really uplifting, and you can feel yourself just floating around, in moments of the place. Very great and positive. At some point it felt like you just leave your seat, and you’re just a part of the dancers and whatever they were doing. I can’t really explain with words—it’s [a] great, amazing feeling.”

“That message of freedom, so you get reminded of it through the play, because you know that freedom is important, but when we live in everyday world we forget that, because there are a lot of people around that are not free. But then you get reminded like by this performance. You kind of feel like—you know you can fly.”

“Fairy tales are something we all want when we run away from everyday life. To tell the stories that way was something—it’s magical, in a way of being magical and magic. You know it just feels amazing. It was beautifully told.”