Shen Yun Brings Interior Designer ‘To another level of enjoyment and appreciation’

April 2, 2017

“I am enjoying [the Shen Yun performance] so very much. I am learning about the Chinese history through it. It’s just fabulous.”

“It’s bringing me to another level of enjoyment and appreciation of the Chinese culture.” 

“I can’t even believe how the dancers are so delicate but yet so strong. … The dancers are wonderful, just wonderful.” 

“The color and the costumes, they are just wonderful and fabulous. The way the costumes flow, the fabrics they drape, and then the background, whoever the artists were just phenomenal.” 

“I have never really appreciated before how [the music] was coordinated with the dance. I am so impressed.” 

“I am a spiritual person and a Christian. I appreciate [the Chinese spirituality] that they have a belief that [is] very deep.

“I am so glad I came. I am going to bring the rest of my family next year.”