Shen Yun Brings Hope Love and Harmony Says Counsellor

April 15, 2017

“It’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Everything is just so precise and beautiful. Beautifully, colourful and so much talent.”

“The music—fantastic. The orchestra is just phenomenal, everybody is just so in time. I love the way that the backdrop kind of works together with the dancers, so that’s really fantastic.”

“I’m learning a lot about traditional Chinese culture just by watching the show. I’ve learnt that [it] is not really valued as important by the current Chinese Communist Party, and so it looks like there’s a lot of story and history that is being lost”

“Spiritually, it’s wonderful, it’s Easter at the moment so I think it’s perfect timing to bring the value of hope, love, and harmony, between heaven and earth, and all the people on earth.”

“It’s something that you cannot miss, that you really should see—fantastic, awesome and magical.”