Shen Yun Brings Divinity Into the Music, Music Performer Says

February 8, 2018

“I really appreciate what you guys [Shen Yun] are doing with the show—even though there is persecution and you aren’t allowed to tell it in your own country. You rise above that and you carry it to other countries. So that you can still live on. So when the time comes and the door is open again, you can take it back to your country.”

“And that will come again because as long as you stay with the heart, compassion, truth, and forbearance, that’s going to happen. You will rise above and it will happen.”

“Thank you so much for carrying hope into the world when there is so much turmoil. You guys are a strong force and it is very heartwarming and hopeful for me in my own life. And I know you spread it to so many other lives.”

“The sound is definitely a divine thing and you bring the divine into the music … It strikes the heart and refreshes the spirit.”