Shen Yun Bringing Back ‘The Soul of China’

April 10, 2017

“What impressed me was the artists’ mastery and extraordinary synchronization, besides their artistic qualities. It’s absolutely amazing. If Shen Yun comes back next year, we will come back.”

“I think they want to pass on a message of serenity, of calm, going back to an ancient civilizations which has been almost lost, and I find this remarkable.”

“[Shen Yun aims to] rectify or to bring back what has long been forgotten or hidden, which is now coming back, and which is, I believe, the soul of China.”

“The message shown is a message of peace and trust in the tradition that has probably been forgotten—more so in China than elsewhere—but is reappearing. I think that more and more people today, regardless of where they live, are returning to the origins that are the foundations of life.”