Shen Yun Bringing Back Life to Old China

April 28, 2017

“I love old society China, it’s a shame that modern China is not recognising the old culture. It’s the ancient themes, Shen Yun is bringing back to life old China.”

“I always get a seat right up the front, so I can see in detail the beautiful costumes and expressions on the faces. They are very focused, it what they are doing in their performance, and yet nice smiles. You can see the concentration but the whole personality has to go in playing the part, so to be an actor, you have to become the part, which I believe they do. They feel like they are actually that person when they are doing it.”

“It’s so versatile, a lot of variety, that’s what, makes it. I’ll still like to come; I would not get tired of it.”

“I’ve seen enough theatre shows over the years, but this is way above all the rest, it’s the absolute best, the others don’t compare. … You would not have enough words. I would run out of words trying to describe it.”