Shen Yun Blows Me Away, Entertainment-Company Executive Says

March 11, 2018

“I enjoy it very, very much. … [It’s] not only a wonderful performance, but all the people that are participating, including the orchestra, [are] just so spot-on with their choreography and the timing. … Their timing is impeccable.”

“The production is really blowing me away.”

“I really thought it was interesting how they were able to interact with the big video screen [digital backdrop]. … What a great job the videographer did with that. It was spectacular.”

“A great message as well. The message itself really comes through and not in too strong a way, but you really feel the message, which is very important, especially nowadays in today’s world. It is really good to see that kind of tradition.”

“My take-away is that sometimes you come into difficult situations, but overcoming them is very important. And overcoming them with the sturdiness of family and tradition is really how I feel about it.”

“You definitely feel the spirituality of the entire performance, and … done in a way that an 8-year-old can actually feel it, which is important because you really want to teach the young people how to do the right thing.”

“[The orchestra] sounds amazing. … Western civilization and Eastern civilization come together perfectly in this performance.”