Shen Yun ‘Blew Away My Expectations,’ Pastor Says

April 6, 2018

“The performance was incredible! It was absolutely amazing. It blew away my expectations.”

“I really don’t know much about the Chinese history and culture, so to go to the show has been illuminating. To hear and to see the beautiful colors and the dancers and their incredible, incredible talents—it’s quite a gift.”

“The live orchestra was absolutely spectacular. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to hear the orchestra because with that type of talent and skill. [I felt like] I’m just sitting at the feet of incredible professionals.”

“The energy I felt while watching the show was a warm energy, joy. I believe that God is everywhere we are. So the energy I experience was from our Creator God, who is clearly involved in the show and all the people, because He created us.”

“The culture, the divine energy, and the history behind the Chinese culture was made very evident through this performance. I’m really glad that I get to learn about it.”

“My experience has been spectacular. I’m just glad that I came.”