Shen Yun Beautiful to Watch

May 11, 2017

“I love it, a lot of learning, I like the way each act was a different part of China and a different time period and what was going on, and the dance is just amazing. It’s beautiful to watch, very beautiful. I really liked the drums; the skit with the drums was, I think, really powerful. The hard one was the one with the baby that was just a very difficult story, very powerful. The whole show has been very powerful.

“Deep connection in terms of really understanding what is going on in terms of this, not only the culture but the beauty of the dance and telling a story through dance and telling a story of culture and bringing that to America, I think was a good deal. Reconnecting the world is a big deal, so it’s powerful. The deep, deep connection was created.”

“The choreography, the dance, the flowing of the dresses, the gowns — all of that [is beautiful], but also the use of the automation [digital animated backdrop]. That connectedness too in telling the story is really powerful so the use of that is really great.”