Shen Yun Beautiful and Terrific, Freelance Writer Says

February 24, 2018

“I loved the use of the backdrops, I’ve never seen anything like that, very appreciative of the show.”

“The stories are the same stories that we have now even though we have big industrial culture and cell phones. But, there are certain conditions about the human condition: love, war and redemption, they’re truths no matter if it’s today or thousands of years ago.”

“I think its really good for people to appreciate other cultures, learn other languages, learn how other people think, kind of celebrate how we’re different while we’re really all alike more than that also.”

“That (erhu) was spectacular!”

“I was very moved by how expressive—how much you can express with two strings. I appreciated it and how she blended with the piano player, they were very complementary, the music was terrific!”

“It’s beautiful! Without words there is so much communicated. It was very interesting to see the dancing, the gesturing, and the colors and the way that the colors would be moved with the dancers—it was very enjoyable.”