Shen Yun, ‘Beautiful and Respectful of the Tradition of Chinese Dance’

February 17, 2018

“I really enjoyed this show. Shen Yun was incredible.”

“They clearly showed an expertise of the skill of traditional Chinese dance.It was really really powerful to see the expertise that it requires.”

“I think for me, knowing something about what it takes to be a dancer is particularly spectacular when you see in action—when you see how in unison they are and how they tell the story.”

“The thing what stood out to me the most was that there was a good degree of humor in it, which I enjoyed a lot. I felt like the humor touched on things that were very real, and they were able to tie it in ways that didn’t seem false and contrived.”

“It was light as well as beautiful and respectful of the tradition of Chinese dance.”

“They talked about how we were all created from heaven. I relate to that personally, because I do believe that we were created and we have a lot of good in us. So, I think there’s something very philosophically deep about it.”

“I’m still processing some of that, but I ultimately relate to it because it’s something about the goodness of mankind, that we have something inherently good inside of us, and we can bring that out to the rest of the world.”