Shen Yun Audience Fell in Love with 5000 Years of Chinese Culture

April 16, 2017

“I love the performance. The performance is just absolutely fabulous. Everyone should see it. Every should see the culture. I would say that it’s one of the best performances I’ve seen.” 

“I think that the storytelling is something that we lost here in our culture. Following dance without even speaking, it reveals so much about the universe, and how people should relate, and how we should love one another.”

“I think what we did here, and seeing this performance, is that the audience fell in love. We fell in love with the 5000 years that it represents, and to me that’s extremely significant. Right now, in a world where you really, really need to love one another. I think that Shen Yun is bringing this out. It certainly did today, and I’m so glad I decided to come and bring my family.” 

“The performance is great. The performers are very professional. You can tell. They’re very trained, and highly skilled in what they do. I think the precision of the performance, the dances, with the music, the orchestra is great as well, and it’s not easy music to play, perform. I understand that. I think the appreciation level for the artistry and for the performers is just highly appreciated by everyone who came today.”

“I think that it does reach the spirit of man. I think that the spirit is connected, through the 5000 years. Because theirs is so distant in the spirit, it’s just illuminating us. It’s thrilling.” 

“I like the music. It’s very much the pentatonic scale, of course. That’s the oriental scale in music. It clearly comes through it’s certainly not western. However, there is some element in there I believe.”

“Everybody should see it. I think it’s a great performance.”