Shen Yun Artists ‘Touch My Soul and My Spirit’

January 8, 2017

“It’s very refreshing to see such talent put together … so colorful, so multi-talented, so beautiful. The music is also soothing. It really penetrates to the heart and the depth of the human spirit and connects with the dancing, so they are dancing in harmony with such beautiful music.”
“[The artists] touched my heart. They touch my soul and my spirit. I am feeling at peace. I am so amazed by these very talented artists.”
“My mind goes back to Lebanon because we also shared with China the ancient culture, with the beauty of peace. [The performance] takes me sometimes to my village, sometimes to my childhood, sometimes to my garden when I was following the butterflies and picking cherries. It takes me different places. …

“Sometimes we live in a world filled with hatred. …. But the truth and the sun will always shine, and the agony of blood has to stop. It stops by this beautiful music that … calls for people to live in peace and harmony and love each other. … This music brings light, brings peace, brings harmony and discipline, and makes me so joyful.”