Shen Yun Artists Are Involved With Heart and Soul

April 15, 2018

“Shen Yun was an exceptional show that truly depicts important facts about China. It conveyed authentic stories from China and was not only well done artistically, but also professionally.

“The artists are deeply immersed into the show, and it is quite obvious that they are involved with heart and soul.”

“The absolute, perfect movements are amazing. The harmony displayed by the movements, as well as the great equilibrium shown by the group, is fantastic. One can only say, ‘marvelous and outstanding.’”

“The energy emanating from the stage spoke of spirituality and emitted emotional vibes.”

“The values learned from the Shen Yun show include the importance of fostering virtue and protecting existing traditions in a way that allows future generations to learn from them.”

“Not only the Chinese populace, but also those from Germany and other countries can learn and benefit from watching Shen Yun.”

“It is of great value to nourish tradition, so it can be turned over to future generations. That is, one must maintain stories from the past, and through this, impart one’s culture to future generations.”