Shen Yun Arrives to Warm Welcome in Melbourne, Australia

March 23, 2017 Updated: March 23, 2017

MELBOURNE, Australia—Upon completing 35 sold-out performances in Taiwan, Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company arrived on March 23, in Melbourne to begin its Oceania leg of its world tour. Shen Yun will perform in cities across Australia and New Zealand premiering in Melbourne. Excited fans arrived at the airport early Thursday morning to welcome the Shen Yun performers. Shen Yun will perform in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Auckland, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Jared Madsen, the master of ceremonies for the New York Company was pleased to arrive in Australia and said the company is eager to share authentic Chinese culture with Shen Yun’s whole new program for Australians.

He said, “I think audiences really enjoy Shen Yun because you can travel to different parts of China, different regions and really experience different aspects of the culture.

“We’ve had a great response from the Australian audience, this is my fifth time here and I’m sure they are going to love the show, just like all around the world. Chinese culture seems to have a connection, it connects to any culture around the world, it’s because it has universal values, 5000 years of traditional Chinese culture really has the same main values that people celebrate around the world.”

Sydney born principal dancer Danny Li, who has been part Shen Yun since 2010, said he was pleased to be able to perform in Australia.

“The best thing about performing with Shen Yun is to be able to express traditional Chinese culture on stage.

“Shen Yun is reviving China’s five thousand years of Chinese culture that is lost in China because of the Chinese communist party, so Shen Yun is here to revive this culture. And then for us it’s something very special to do because we are Chinese and we feel like it’s our mission to bring hope and like the happiness and the goodness to the people of the world.”

Government officials from all over Australia have sent greetings welcoming Shen Yun to Australia.

The Hon. Paul Fletcher, Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Member for Bradfield, New South Wales
Senator Richard Di Natale, Leader of the Australian Greens, Victoria
Senator Brian Burston, New South Wales
Senator Janet Rice, Victoria
Senator Dean Smith, Deputy Government Whip in the Senate, Western Australia
Ms Julia Banks MP, Federal Member for Chisholm, Victoria
Mr Scott Buchholz MP, Federal Member for Wright, Queensland
Ms Terri Butler MP, Federal Member for Griffith, Queensland
The Hon. Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, Victoria
Ms Julie Owens MP, Federal Member for Parramatta, New South Wales
Mr Graham Perrett MP, Opposition Whip, Federal Member for Moreton, Queensland
The Hon. Luke Donnellan MLA, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Minister for Ports, Victoria
Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC, Victoria
Mr Bernie Finn MLC, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Autism Spectrum Disorder, for Electoral Integrity, and for Melbourne’s West, Victoria
Ms Inga Peulich MLC, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and for Scrutiny of Government, Victoria
The Hon Tanya Davies, BAppSc(Phty) MLA, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Women, and Minister for Ageing, New South Wales
Mr Jonathan O’Dea, BA, LLM, MBA, MLA, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer, New South Wales
The Hon. Thomas George, MLC, Deputy Speaker , New South Wales
Alex Greenwich, MLA New South Wales
Damien Tudehope BA/LLB MLA, New South Wales
Reverend the Hon. (Fred) Frederick John Nile, ED LTh MLC, New South Wales
Shane Rattenbury MLA, Minister for Corrections, Minster for Education, Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs, Minister for Road Safety, Australian Capital Territory
Mr Peter Abetz BAgriSci (Hons) MLA, Western Australia