Shen Yun an Uplifting Experience, Florida Theatergoer Says

March 29, 2018

“It was outstanding! We had seen a little bit of [Shen Yun] on the website. … [The performance] far exceeds anything you see on the computer. It was marvelous: the dancing, the story of the Chinese culture, … a real education for me. I truly enjoyed it!”

“This artistic representation was wonderful! It was really beautiful!”

“The work I imagine [that] goes into being able to perform to the level of the dancers—all of the synchronization, the unison in which they did everything, their storytelling abilities with their hands and gestures and facial expressions—was really outstanding! It was a joy to watch.”

“The triumph of good over evil … was really outstanding. … I really enjoyed that. I hope that the Chinese people can come to that end some day and they can reach the happiness and everything that was depicted in the presentation tonight.”

“I am an archer myself, … so the segment [the story dance ‘Archery in Another Dimension’] was kind of funny for me. I told my wife, ‘That is exactly how I train, too, and that’s how I got to be as good as I am.’”

“It’s very uplifting! It was really a very uplifting experience tonight!”

“I can see where the meaning of it [Shen Yun, the beauty of divine beings dancing] was portrayed very nicely in the performance tonight. It’s something to personally aspire to.”