Shen Yun ‘an Incredible Adventure,’ Entrepreneur Says

April 20, 2018

“The performance is really remarkable. The poise, the dynamism of the interaction with everyone that is on stage … the music is just incredible. I find it very thrilling.”

“I am shocked at the energy, the ability of the performers on stage to be in the air all at the same time and all of a sudden they are on the floor. … It is really remarkable what they do.”

“It’s just tremendous to be able to see how they don’t speak—but you can determine with the way they move their body what is actually happening in the story. So they are telling a story. It’s a truly remarkable story.”

“All of the things they do on stage is truly a work of love and a work of passion. They are truly passionate about what they are doing.”

“The piano and the lady [soprano] that sang, … her voice had such a high range that it was incredible how high her voice could go. … She was really so talented—it really grabs the heart.”

“It is something I have never experienced before, … having the opportunity to see this is an incredible adventure. And I’m just very honored to be able to sit in the audience.”