Shen Yun Amazed Theatregoer in Perth

April 21, 2017

“I thought it was amazing, the beauty, the movement, the way the girls and the boys seemed to glide over the floor. They were doing somersaults and you could barely hear their feet touching the ground.”

“Athletically it was amazing. I found that having a narrator leading you through each section kept you involved. It was a really excellent production and I’m just gobsmacked.”

“The back projection system integrating with the people, the dancers, in the story—I thought it was amazing.”

“I think it’s so sad that a country [China is] in denial of their own culture. But hopefully one day Shen Yun will get to China and impress them as well. That would be great.”

“We’ll be urging everybody who hasn’t booked a ticket to come and see it because it was an extraordinary performance.”

“Colourful, graceful, beautiful, exciting. 100% enthused.”