Shen Yun Allows Spectacular Time Travel

February 6, 2017

“It’s spectacular. I have no words to describe it. The only way to actually feel it is to see it, and this is my second time coming here for Shen Yun, and I find it totally magical, spectacular, and something that awakes something inside you, inside your soul, inside your mind.

“I think, definitely, the production and the dancers and the entire Shen Yun crew, they’ve done a fantastic job in portraying all of these elements of Chinese culture, Chinese civilization, and for many people like me, for people from the West, for people from other cultures, I would compare it to an amazing adventure into that civilization, 5,000 years back, because this is exactly what I felt with each performance.

“I felt I was traveling in time, traveling from beautiful meadows to charming palaces to the heavens and then back to earth, and it’s been amazing, in one word.”