Shen Yun ‘A Visual and Auditory Feast,’ Says Musician

January 13, 2018

“Absolutely tremendous. The visual arts and the live music are incredible. We especially appreciate the live music because we’re musicians as well.”

“I can tell that there’s a tremendous amount of rehearsals and preparation. We know how much work it takes to put on a show, and I can only imagine how many hours of preparation went into a show like this. Absolutely astounding.”

“[The costumes are] breathtaking.”

“I’m particularly impressed with the coordination of timing with the backdrop, the combination of dancing and timing, and you can tell how the dancers know exactly when to go where. As musicians, we can tell where the pulse is, where the beat is, and the dancers know exactly where to go, in timing with the backdrop. Quite impressive.”

“It’s a visual and auditory feast. It’s hard to describe.”