Shen Yun a Spiritual Journey We Need, Doctor Says

May 18, 2018

“I found this performance bewitching, wonderful. It’s a whole spiritual journey, and today we really need it.”

“There’s a work behind [the performance] that is important. … There’s an individual work of letting go, awakening, meditation, and at the same time [it’s] collective because everyone is in synchronicity. It’s even something grandiose.”

“We didn’t come here by chance. We are attracted by Asia. … [In the West], we are not in meditation values. That we will have to acquire from this East. … I think that this is the message of the song. Also, with all the spiritual translation behind [projected on the backdrop], it is really very important these days.”

“There are many values of benevolence [in the performance]. Here is goodness, here is love. … The little [dance] stories bring this benevolence and this goodness.”