Shen Yun a Reminder of Something Bigger Than Ourselves, Anna Getty Says

April 29, 2017

“Absolutely magical. The costumes are beautiful, and the music is wonderful. The way that all the dancers move together and apart is enchanting.” 

“I’ve seen a fair amount of ballet over my lifetime. The way [Shen Yun dancers] move together is different. It seems to be less about the individual and more about the group moving together [in] harmony.” 

“It’s a reminder of something bigger than what we are. I’m connected to Eastern religion. … I love how [the spiritual aspect] was all brought into it in a deep way, but a light way too—joyful, light, but also thoughtful.” 

“My daughter and I have been seeing the posters for many years, and we love dance, and music, and art. We just finally were able to make it.”

“We’ll come again next year. This is my mom, and she was blown away. I think you [her daughters] were too.”