Shen Yun a Rare Opportunity, ‘Food for the Soul’

March 13, 2017

“If American children can all be exposed to what I saw today, our culture would change drastically to be the high class culture we deserve to be, because this is a country that is amazing, and we have too much garbage, in entertainment and everything else, and we need to change that, we need to expose our kids to this beautiful classical dance and music and peaceful and fantastic orchestra. This was the best thing I’ve ever seen, the best, the best, perfection.”


“You can’t compare [Shen Yun dancers] to anybody. … The quality of culture needs to improve in our country, that’s my opinion. … Everybody who has any sense knows we are going downhill. We need to change it, we need to expose our kids to this quality of performing and the goodness and gentleness of the people because you get moved by this.”


“[The combination of Western and Eastern instruments] is so fascinating, really fascinating, and it blends very well … very harmonious. I loved it. … It’s perfection.”


“You know that classical music does something to the brain, we’ve studied enough of that, and there is something about this modern culture that tears the kids apart, their spirit, their soul, their anxieties, it makes them nervous, anxious, and very disruptive.” 


“Shen Yun is high class entertainment, perfection, discipline, and when kids watch something this good, they want to emulate it, I know they will.”


“I want to say this is the best show, and it should be exposed in schools, [school children should] take school buses to the theater, and then enjoy something other than what’s going on out there, that’s my opinion.”


“We’re here [in Las Vegas] for a college reunion, after 52 years, and my husband wanted to come no matter what to this show, and I said, ‘well, we better stick around our friends.’ But I’m glad I came to see this, friends are there all the time, but this is rare. 

“I love it. I love what I saw; it’s a highlight. I feel like I’m on air, it’s delightful, and [it] makes you feel peaceful, and pure. … it was delightful to see conservatism, perfection, it showed character. Anybody could hang their bodies out, [but in Shen Yun], there is the character; they’re gorgeous, pure, and beautiful. I can write a book about them.”


[Shen Yun] will make you rich for the rest of your life, even one show. You have to enrich your spirit, your soul, your mind. … Who needs food when you can watch this, this is food for the soul. It’s wonderful.”