Shen Yun a Path Toward Peace, Former Judge Says

March 2, 2018

“I loved it, I really loved it. First, because of what it means to preserve culture. Preserving the culture of a nation, a people, a human group seems to me to be something worth applauding. We bring in our collective unconscious the culture of all those who preceded us.”

“I love in this group the dancers’ faces, the faces of the performers. They show an inner harmony and harmony with the world. … There is really a lot of inner work in the whole group in this beautiful show.”

“[The traditional values]: very important, very important. I believe that [Shen Yun] does very well. … It is a path toward peace because contact with the classic, with the ancient, with the beauty of the past, opens the way to the present harmony that is a condition for peace in societies.”