Shen Yun ‘A Masterpiece of Divine Beauty’ Says Theatergoer

April 10, 2017

“It’s a beautiful masterpiece of divine beauty, of expression and history. The director and all the people who are part of this production – there is so much passion and beauty.”

“It was spellbinding … It was a great story.”

“[It touched my heart to see] the struggle with communism, and still finding peace and compassion for their way of life, and holding onto traditions, and the beauty of dance, and connecting to the divine, and that brings such a sense of peace.”

“I could feel the expression of good and evil, the joy, the beauty within of the expression of dance, and how that is such artful magic in their lives.”

“[The erhu] is beautiful. It’s a voice. It comes from the soul. That’s a storyteller in itself. I’m sure it’s very old. Fascinating.”

“[The lyrics are] very transforming, very peaceful. At one point, the Creator is going to come, and hopefully, the world is brought back to peace, and we are free from the ruins of our ways.”

“I’d encourage everyone to come. This is a phenomenal experience. … One million stars!”