Shen Yun ‘a Dream in Reality,’ ‘a Banquet in Wisdom,’ Psychiatrist Says

March 8, 2017

“The dancers … are superhuman. … They are not just dancing, they are actually expressing their beliefs through their dance. … Their faces, their expressions—they seem to be dedicated dancers, not just for a livelihood, but [also] for their own growth. They seemed like they were really inspired themselves, and so they were very inspiring as well.”


“In terms of motions and music and dance, they recapitulated the beginning of humanity, from the very beginning of creation, through wars and peace, happiness and sorrow, positive and negative, and evil and good. … That was very nourishing for the audience, and the audience just fed on it. … [Shen Yun] gave the audience a banquet of wisdom.”


“It is awesome. Unbelievable. It is like going to experience a dream in reality. It was just beautiful, and it was very meaningful.” 


“The singer was exuding her sincerity, her belief, and her strength to us—conveying that with her voice. … It was very inspirational. … The lyrics, in a few words, said all that anyone ever needs to hear in their entire lifetime.” 


“[Shen Yun] gave me some hope that the spirit of the Chinese civilization is still alive. … It still rises above the ashes like the Phoenix.” 


“I decided that a human being consists of three things—a mind, a body, and a soul. So I became a spiritual psychiatrist. By watching the show of Shen Yun, I saw my profession in psychiatry demonstrated in visual form. … I saw it on the stage by the dancers, in terms of showing the conflict of hate and love, and good and evil, and the rise of the human soul over and above the mind and body. So the whole profession that I work at everyday was exemplified in Shen Yun.”