Shen Yun a Divine Performance

April 29, 2017

“Oh, the beauty, the naturalness, the colours, the bringing to life, the music, the feeling, you didn’t have to understand the language. I didn’t even think you had to understand the kind of music because it’s so different, a different beat, a different tempo, but the music, the life in the people were so real—realistic. It made me think of a paradise.”


“When it showed the dark clouds and the destruction, we can relate to that because to make a paradise earth, or to have unity, normally you have to eliminate what’s bad and your so called concept of a god, who will bring about the judgment, who will get rid of evil and bring about the paradise, that was beautifully displayed. I could feel it, it was beautifully done.”


“I’d love to see what we saw on stage, a reality worldwide.”


“It came to an end and I wanted to sit there and just take it all in still. I wasn’t finished with them, wanted them to come back and say would you like to see again but the thing is, they’ve done their piece, we were happy but I was so sad to see it finish. I would like to go back to that greenery and that beauty.”


“So I would say under the aspect of divine dancers, I think they sort of had blessing from their whole group, their director, the musicians, everybody. So it was a divine show in that.”


[To Shen Yun’s director] “Congratulations for achieving such beauty in a world that’s in so much turmoil, that you can give people hope for the future and that you don’t have to rock and be with it in the modern time but that you can create beauty, harmony and make people come out feeling better and he achieved it, 100%.”