Shen Yun a Beautiful Cultural Experience, Armenian Consul Says

March 12, 2018

“We enjoyed it. The folklore, the cultural experience—it was very interesting. Beautiful dances, beautiful costumes, and the music was also very beautiful.”

“We were also fortunate to meet the conductor of the orchestra, Mr. Vardan Hakobyan, and he’s a fellow countryman from the Republic of Armenia. We were just chatting with him. It was interesting to find an Armenian who’s participating in this international show.”

“The music was great. And we loved [the] 14 drums in the beginning.”

“[It] made the dance much more attractive and enjoyable, when the speakers [emcees] were explaining what the dances were all about. That made it more interesting for the audience to follow the dance.”

“I wish I was 20 years younger and could dance with [the performers]. Beautiful dancers. Unbelievable. … So gentle, as if they were birds flying all over the place.”

“We would like to learn more and to understand the spirituality and the tolerance of [traditional Chinese culture].”