Senior Manager Says ‘This show is a wake-up call’

February 3, 2017

“I think it was very good. I liked the story. … I feel more grounded and centered… [when the vocalist] was singing about being… connected with your Creator and it’s not about all the material things, it’s about the compassion, and the forbearance, and truthfulness.

“I think if we really get down to it [it’s meaning], it’s not about all the things of the world, it’s about our relationships… with other people, our relationships with our Creator and where we came from and when you get centered in [these] things [you] just don’t seem as stressful anymore and you just have a different way of looking at …[things].”

“I think it’s a wake-up call. This show is a wake-up call just like a FYI: it’s not always what it seems to be and you can’t really escape it with drugs or alcohol and not taking responsibility and the truth is the truth, so you have to have compassion for other people, let them be who they are and let us live together in harmony with compassion with each other. I thought it was awesome—this is my second time seeing it.”

“It’s sad that the people are so oppressed [in China] like that so I definitely have compassion for their plight and what they’re trying to do here in this performance and wake up everybody.”

“Where it talks about Truthfulness, it talks about Compassion, it talks about Forbearance and even though it is oppressive, you can still have beauty in whatever it is you yourself create internally … they still rise above that and that’s what I got of this story.”