Senior Consultant: Shen Yun Is Enriching and Educational

January 19, 2018

“It’s incredible, it’s very beautiful, I’m amazed at how graceful and coordinated all of the dancers are. It must take a lot of rehearsals in order to get so many moving together in the same way. And I love the hand movements of the ladies—it’s so graceful. It’s very beautiful to watch.”

“It’s educational, fascinating to watch.”

“Very enriching. It’s a delightful show to watch. It’s very engrossing. It holds your attention. And one of them, I almost found myself in tears.”

“It’s so unique and so different than anything I’ve seen.”

“Totally engrossing and bringing you into the story, explanations of the dances, not just watching the dances, but explaining the story that the dances tell you.”