Seeing Shen Yun Can Change Your Life, Says Teacher

March 26, 2017

“[Shen Yun is] Absolutely beautiful. The dancing, the flowing movements, the aerobatics, the costumes, the sincerity in the dancing, the authenticity as it came out, it was really beautiful.”

“I love seeing people living out their values and their virtues and not being afraid and showing courage, and the values that underpin. The beliefs are so important to everyone in the world, that everybody can follow them, no matter what belief they have.”

“My Chinese friend came with me last night, it was the first time she had seen Shen Yun. She said, ‘There was so much wisdom in each and every different dance. There were so many different aspects of wisdom’ and she was so right. There is—it’s profound wisdom that’s there.’”

“It’s so important [to see Shen Yun] because we live in a time where there are so many challenges of materialism. We seem to be lacking in meaning in the world. And for people to see that there’s so much beauty in those values that make them feel good, I think it’s important for them to see that, and it takes away from the emptiness that they might feel about the world.”

“It’s [Shen Yun] an experience. It can change you. And it gets you in touch with yourself and who you are. And I just look around and I see people walking out. Their eyes are lit up, they’re smiling. They’re changed by the experience and they just say, I’ve got to go again.”

“That’s what happened to me, two years ago, I came again last year and I came last night, and I came again today. And I’ve got to wait 12 months, but those 12 months I’ll be waiting, waiting, but I’ll be one of the first to buy a ticket again next year. I drove three and a quarter hours to get here.”

“This [Shen Yun] is the thing I look forward to. I love lots of live performances and music and ballet and dancing. In fact, Shen Yun is what opened me up to a lot of other things like ballet that I never would have looked at before. Shen Yun has just changed my perspective on culture and the arts, and the experiences we can have from those things, so there’s so much value in it—so much value!”