Seeing Beautiful Shen Yun Is Good for Running Business

March 4, 2018

“Appreciation of beautiful things is good for running business and for getting closer to the realm of truthfulness, compassion and beauty.”

“As truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are the qualities that people should have, Shen Yun now portrays these qualities in artistic forms of dancing and singing. (Shen Yun) can certainly resonate with the audience.”

“My definition of architecture is truthfulness, compassion and beauty. Truthfulness denotes sturdiness and durability, compassion means practicability, and beauty of course includes the pleasing looks of the entire building and perfection of the overall design.”

“Because Shen Yun contains beautiful and positive elements, seeing Shen Yun is of course good for me and for my business”

“[Shen Yun orchestra] is an international class group. It provides assured accompaniment to dancers with perfect precision.”

“As long as you come to see Shen Yun, you can feel the positive energy field, and will definitely be touched.”