Secret Ingredient: Bringing Vinegar Into the Spotlight

BY Crystal Shi TIMEJuly 25, 2018 PRINT

Tanner Agar, owner of Rye restaurant in McKinney, Texas, praises the value of vinegar.

Secret Ingredient: Vinegar. It’s not unexpected, but it is criminally under-appreciated.

How to Use It: Vinegars draw out the existing flavors of your food, add balance to the dish, and bring nuanced elements you can’t get anywhere else. I started making my own—I’ve had many over the years, but my Guinness vinegar is a constant favorite. Put that in a spritzer bottle and add it to fries; it’s amazing every time.

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Tanner Agar, owner, Rye restaurant. (Zach Freeman)

Alex Baker, executive chef of Yves in New York City, highlights sherry vinegar in particular. Capirete is her favorite.

Secret Ingredient: Sherry vinegar. It’s such an under-appreciated vinegar. It’s balsamic’s cooler cousin! It’s often less expensive than balsamic and is much more complex.

How to Use It: When I worked in kitchens in Paris, the chefs always used sherry vinegar to finish sauces and brighten their dishes. I finish almost all my sauces and jus with just a touch of sherry. I also use it in dressings, to marinate fresh summer vegetables like tomatoes and beets, and in soups.

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Alex Baker, executive chef, Yves. (Patrick Dunford)
Crystal Shi
Food Editor
Crystal Shi is the food editor for The Epoch Times. She is a journalist based in New York City.
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