Scientist Says Shen Yun Is Memorable

May 7, 2017

“Shen Yun for us is memorable, it introduced us to another culture, one that is very old, exciting and interesting.”

“The choreography was excellent.”

“There was so much to see. I will keep pictures of what I saw in my mind, recall them later and then get a handle on the technical aspect of the Shen Yun performance.”

“A lady [emcee] told us that the Chinese culture was created by the divine, when she introduced Chinese history to us.”

“Wise people, such as monks, let us know during the show where they were created. They came from the heavens and will return to the heavens. This is very encouraging, because it tells us that there is salvation.”

“The foundation of cultivation has been brought forward and has evolved since thousands of years. It is encouraging, it is peaceful and it is something a human can rely on.”