School Principal: Shen Yun ‘An Eye Opener’ for Students

December 28, 2017

“It was excellent, excellent. It was an excellently-choreographed production. It gave a good insight of the Chinese customs and their values and beliefs. I thought it was fantastic.”

“As far as the depth of each story, the meaning of each story, how profoundly it changed the characters’ lives, that was a great message.”

“My first impression was because they were so spiritual, now it’s been repressed [in today’s China]. That’s a shame. It’s a travesty that something so worthwhile to them—to have values, to have depth of character … to have it repressed, it’s a shame.”

“I think [Shen Yun] would be an eye opener [for students], as far as how hard it is to maintain values, and maintain freedom, and have it suppressed so easily.”

Robert Correia, high school principal
Boch Center Wang Theatre, Boston, United States
Shen Yun World Company
December 27, 2017