Safety Director Touched by Shen Yun’s Values

March 5, 2017

“I can appreciate execution at a high level because that’s what we try to strive for every day, and this was the adjective I would use to describe this show. … It was very special to watch, and I’m very thankful and happy that my family was able to see this.

“The orchestra was fantastic, you couldn’t believe that it was live—it’s very powerful, powerful music.

“You get to come back, and you get to learn a little bit more. So I think each time you watch it, you have the opportunity to draw more out of it: more out of the performers, more out of the music, and more out of the screenplay. It was really great.”

“The stories were great. I thought it was very diverse, too. I’m here with my three children ages 7, 15, and 17, and my lovely wife, and I thought it was great because I cried in it and I’m a 40 year old man. I had a tear going, and I looked at my wife and she was crying. So it was very emotional for everybody, and I would watch my young daughter, who’s 7, who is very much all about adventure and superheroes, and you could see the excitement as she was sitting up on her seat, kind of seeing everything, and how she was so into the movie. So that was fantastic, and to have a 15 year old and 17 year old young boys from around Boston, to see them so into it and really enjoying, it was very special.”

“For me, the tenor was actually impactful. … When you see life isn’t truly about wealth or about what you acquire, it’s about finding joy in life.”